Over my career, I’ve seen this scenario play out several times:

Jane Doe lands great job. She performs well and earns the respect of her co-workers and superiors. Out of the blue, it’s discovered that Jane lied on her resume. Jane gets fired in a dramatically humiliating fashion. Jane has to move far away to get a fresh start in an entirely different field.

Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson has “left the company” after only four months because he lied about having a degree in computer science. He initially claimed it was an oversight, which is a pretty transparent excuse. Who loses track of their bachelor’s degrees?

Long story short folks: don’t lie on your resume. Ever. While it’s true that HR departments can get lazy about checking credentials, lies have a way of being exposed in round-about ways. Many employers periodically audit their employee’s backgrounds.

About the Author:  Jocelyn Clarke is Head Coach and creator of the Insider Coaching Group, a boutique consultancy that provides professional job seekers with an unparalleled ‘insider’s advantage.’ With a foundation of experience as a seasoned HR professional and healthcare recruiter, Jocelyn coaches her clients in job search best practices, interview skills, and career development issues. She works with a variety of professionals with a special focus on therapists, physicians, and academics. Most recently the Recruitment Director at a medical school, Jocelyn also spent many years in HR at universities, non-profit organizations, and private companies grounding her with broad based experience in recruiting and staffing. Jocelyn holds the Senior Professional in Human Resources certification and is an active member of the Society for Human Resources Management, International Coach Federation, and the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches. She has a B.A. in English from Florida State University.